Freie Flussassoziationen- Duftstudio 1
Free River Associations- Fragrance Studio 2 , 2011

One-on-one performances as part of the project Imagine Two Rivers.

Freie Flussassoziationen- Duftstudio 1 took place on the Hafenlieger Ceasar during the Yamuna exhibition in Hamburg (Oct 2011) whereas Free River Associations- Fragrance Studio 2 took place on the Yamuna riverbanks during the exhibition Project Y- a Yamuna-Elbe public art and outreach project in Delhi (Nov 2011)

during the performance Free River Associations: Fragrance Studio 2, Delhi, Nov 2011 IN (photo: Nina Kalenbach)

During the two one-on-one performances entitled Duftstudio 1 & Fragrance Studio 2, Ines Lechleitner invited visitors to have a conversation about two rivers, the Elbe in Hamburg and the Yamuna in Delhi. The artist poured water from the two rivers into small bowls, which visitors were invited to touch, smell, or taste and thereafter share their spontaneous associations. Subjects that came up during these conversations were personal and collective images, perceptions, associations, myths, ecological, religious and political issues, as well as biographical relations to the rivers. Sound recordings were made during these performances.


Freie Flussassoziationen- Duftstudio 1, 18th of Oct 2011, Hamburg, Germany:

unedited recording of one of the conversations in Hamburg (in German)

Free River Associations - Fragrance Studio 2, 10th and 11th of Nov 2011, Delhi, India:

Some of the photographs are taken by Nina Kalenbach, Till Krause and Johanna König.


unedited recording of one of the conversations in Delhi (in English)