Notes On: Imagine Two Rivers: The Search for the Elbe–Yamuna Perfume, 2013

Part of the project Imagine Two Rivers


Artist edition by Ines Lechleitner with perfumes by Yogesh


The Elbe Perfume (5 ml)

The Yamuna Perfume (5 ml)


Box with perfumes in a velvet bag with publication and poster,

signed, stamped and numbered,

limited edition of 170;


Price: 70€


The edition can be ordered online at MAK Designshop (Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna) or via contact.

It is shown and available in a variety of museum shops and sites. Please inquire via contact.

The artist edition is independent of the Imagine Two Rivers Perfume. Combination of the artist edition and 30ml Elbe–Yamuna Perfume is available for 120€.