Edition box and second river perfume: Das Rhein Rauschen, 2016

Edition box published with backbonebooks, scent in collaboration with Andreas Wilhelm.
Box and perfume are based on the solo exhibition Das Rhein Rauschen curated by Emilie Bruner.

Elements contained in the edition box Das Rhein Rauschen:

- Unique object: papier-mâché with chalk and pigments

- 10ml roll-on of the river perfume Das Rhein Rauschen
- Mobile set of the sculptures Fundstücke
- Booklet of photographic series Gesture Images

- Links to the full version of the video Rhein Wal Expedition and the soundpiece Das Kalte Brodeln
Edition of 21

Price: 200€


The second river perfume Das Rhein Rauschen:

- 50ml French glass flacon with wooden cap

- dark blue velvet bag
Edition of 21

Price: 85€


Making of

Interactive test kit giving an insight into the making of the perfume.

Small stamped box containing:
- Three 3ml Tester of fragrances developed towards the river perfume.
- Teststrips for multiple testing experiments

- Written conversation between artist Ines Lechleitner and perfumer Andreas Wilhelm
Edition of 10

Price: 40€


order here: ines.lechleitner(at)gmail.com


This project was supported by BKA (AT) and sponsored by Pochpack (GB).


perfume edition 50 ml in velvet bag.

Ines Lechleitner’s multidisciplinary research on the river Rhine in Basel lead to the creation of her second river perfume. The box edition with backbonebooks displays the essence of the exhibition curated by Emilie Bruner completed by the river perfume developed with perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. For further information see the exhibition Das Rhein Rauschen .

example of elements from the edition box

example of the contents of a box (each one has a different unique object)

50ml flacon of the perfume Das Rhein Rauschen

Making of box: 3x3ml scent testers, written conversation, teststripes and a sponge

The Making of box gives an insight into the dialogue behind the making of the Rhine perfume by visual artist Ines Lechleitner and perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. It contains three fragrances developed by Andreas Wilhelm during this process, a set of testers for your own use and a written dialogue.