River Back Arms & Scales, 2012

Part of the project Imagine Two Rivers, shown in the two solo shows The Imagines at Galerie Metro (Berlin, April-May 2012 DE) and Objets Reposés at M Museum (Leuven, June-September 2012 BE)



River Back Arms: three silver gelatine prints, mounted and framed (each 47,5cm x 57,9cm)

Scales: papier-mâché sculpture with silver gelatine prints, suspended (25cm x 67cm x 20cm)


River Back Arms & Scales, Installation view during Objets Reposés show at M_Museum (Leuven, June 2012 BE)

The three photographs River Back Arms show the tatooed line of dots of the Indian conceptual and feminist artist Navjot Altaf. Ines Lechleitner met Altaf in the context of the Yamuna exhibition in Hamburg and asked her permission to photograph this tribal tattoo as a river of dots for her own research. The photographic film was marked by an oversea x-ray, which added light traveling across the images.


The shoulder-like life-sized papier mâché sculpture Scales uses the image of the back as a point of departure and is entirely covered by the photographs. Suspended in mid-air it recalls the absence of a particular body.


River Back Arms: three photographs of an encounter with the Indian artist Navjot Altaf in Hamburg Oct 2011

Scales: close-up of the sculpture's surface and installation views during The Imagines show at Galerie Metro (Berlin, April 2012 DE)