The Imagines, 2012

Solo show at the Galerie Metro (Berlin, April-May 2012 DE)


Works shown in the exhibition:


Silver Back and Back Rock, 2001/ 2012: black and white photograph and papier-mâché sculpture

River Back Arms & Scales, 2012: black and white photographs and papier-mâché sculpture

Under Water Food Signs, 2012: performance with Klara Hobza during the opening of the exhibition on the 13th of April (Berlin, 2012 DE)


Presser Tourner Montrer, 2004 / 2012: black and white photographs

Activations, 2012: video projection

invitation poster

Press Release:

''In the mediums photography, sculpture, video and performance the artist investigates the interchange between sensory experiences. How can one sensory experience be evoked by another or even transferred into another? How can a certain sensory impression or a certain motif be translated from one medium into another.

The title of the exhibition The Imagines refers to a Greek-Latin text, an instruction to the image description of still lifes. The exemplary described images are so detailed sensual described in their sensory qualities that one has the feeling to see the scenery incarnated in front of oneself. At the same time it is unknown whether these images actually existed or whether they are mere imaginary images.


The b/w photography Silver Back in the exhibition shows the portrait of a sitting gorilla, who abandons the viewer and presents his broad back. Next to it in the room an equally massive sculpture made of white papier mâché, Back Rockthat in its abstract form, however, appears facing the portrait of the gorilla as the three-dimensional pendant of its back.

Another b/w photo series entitled River Back Arms shows the shoulders of a woman who is provided with a curved line of single black points. This is written on the body as a tattoo and the wave-like shape may evoke the association of a river on the body. At the same time the points also seem to be a code for a non-decryptable language. A further sculpture entitled Scales takes shape of the shoulders again. The surface of the filigree work consists of photo paper scraps in different shades of gray, which lay like a coat of scales over the wing-like form of the sculpture. The hybrid between photography and sculpture irritates by the shadows on its surface, which due to the fragmentation of the original photo motifs allows no reasonable perspective.


All works in the exhibition are distinguished by a strong sensory presence. Front and back of the image in the works fall into one and refer to the relationship of image (imago) and imagination (imaginatio).


The exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s project series entitled Sense Correspondence, which was created in an exchange with various artists, writers and scientists, and is shown in excerpts in the video Activations. At the opening the sensory experience of the exhibition is extended by the sound performance “Underwater Food Signs”, in which the artist in front of the visitors prepares a dish, while the artist Klara Hobza executes a wall drawing, which will later remain as a reference and another part of the exhibition.''

downstairs: installation view, showing Silver Back and Back Rock and Scales

Silver Back, silver gelatine print, for information on the work please click on image

downstairs: installation view, showing Back Rock, Scales and River Back Arms

River Back Arms, silver gelatine prints, and Scales, for information on the work please click on image

downstairs: installation view, showing Back Rock, Silver Back and traces of the performance Under Water Food Signs

Under Water Food Signs, performance with Klara Hobza, for information on the work please click on image

upstairs: installation view, showing Presser Tourner Montrer

Presser Tourner Montrer, silver gelatine prints, for information on the work please click on image

Acitvations, stills from the video, for information on the work please click on image