Table of Contents, 2011

Solo exhibition at Saprophyt, Vienna, June - Oct 2011 AT

Sense Correspondence 1&2



Saprophyt Activations, 2011: video (DV-Pal, 12 min, sound) on monitor and site specific installation of Saprophyt Artworks ;

First Activations, 2011: video projection (DV-Pal, 27.54 min, sound) and display of original drawings from the Sense Correspondence project;

Table of Contents Radio, 2011: radio feature (30min) for Saprophyt Radio on Radio Orange, broadcast in Dec 2011 AT

The project room Saprophyt by Barbara Kapusta and Stephan Lugbauer is based on the concept that what ever is shown and produced in the exhibition space remains there and each invited artist faces these traces as challenge and opportunity.


For the exhibition Table of Contents Lechleitner developped a site-specific video performance piece entitled Saprophyt Activations in which a selection of objects and art works formally presented at Saprophyt was activated, projected and animated. One aim of the video was to reactivate the remaining fragments of some previous shows by replaying some of the originally related media. In other chapters Lechleitner intervenes by fixing, cleaning or reinterpreting one of the art objects. All the objects shown in the video were also presented in the exhibition space in a new constellation.


In parallel the video First Activations was projected: a first long version of the video Activations in which selected contributions by artist, writers and scientist to Lechleitner’s project Sense Correspondence were activated, combined, responded to and interpreted.
All the drawings shown in the video were displayed as originals on two tables in the exhibition space.


Saprophyt Activations : video and spatial installation featuring works by: Baldessari & Nathalie Koger , Christian Egger & Scoli Acosta, Can Gülcu, Roberta Lima & Liz Glynn, Jakob Lena Knebl, Sonia Leimer, Noële Ody, Nora Stephens, Jenni Tischer, Octavian Trauttmansdorff


stills from Saprophyt Activations

Excerpt (5.11 min) of the video Saprophyt Activations - selected abriviated chapters featuring contributions by: S: John Baldessari & Nathalie Koger, P: Octavian Trauttmansdorff, R: Sonia Leimer, Y: Noële Ody;

installation views of Table of Contents at Saprophyt, Vienna, June - Oct 2011 AT

installation views of First Activations during Table of Contents at Saprophyt, Vienna, June - Oct 2011 AT

First Activations: video and display of drawings featuring contributions to the Sense Correspondence project by:

Gilles Aubry (sound), Anthony Auerbach (sound), Frances Bartkowski (text), Chloë Brown (drawing), Cathrine Clover (sound), Karni Dorell (drawings and sound), Lucia Di Iorio (sound), Andreas von Dühren (text), Christine Elsinger (drawing), Ellie Ga (drawings and sound), Christina Hartl-Prager (drawings), Silke Hennig (sound), Peter Jap Lim (sound), Jaspar Joseph-Lester (text), Luise Kubelka (drawing), Sebastian Meise (sound), Alex Müller (drawing), Julie Oredam (drawings), Luke Rendell (sound), Maya Roos (drawing), Mélisandre Schofield (text), Salome Schmuki (drawings), Anna Soucek (sound), Alina Viola Tas (drawing), Laboni Quazi (sound);


stills from First Activations

Excerpt (4.18 min) of the video First Activations - selected chapters featuring contributions by: 10: Gille Aubry, Julie Oredam and Anna Soucek, 12: Chloë Brown, 15: Jaspar Joseph-Lester;

Table of Contents Radio - Documents and Response: Sound-recordings and texts contributed by Gilles Aubry, Raphaël Grisey, Stéphane Montavon and Kathrin Wildner for the project Sense Correspondence project were aired, interpreted and responded to by Ines Lechleitner.


'Al-Nasir Muhammad Mosque', Cairo, Egypt 2008, sound by Gilles Aubry

'Prayer at Topkapi Palace', Istanbul, Turkey 2010, sound by Ines Lechleitner

'Puit', Cooperative Somankidi Coura, Mali 2008, sound by Raphaël Grisey

'Schoolboys', Jerusalem, Israel 2009, sound by Ines Lechleitner

Reading of Kathrin Wildner's text 'Tamarin Hotel Lagos, Dezember 2010, 2am'

'Tamarin Night 2' Lagos, Nigeria 2010, sound by Kathrin Wildner, edited by Ines Lechleitner

'Walk towards Wailing-wall and Al Aqsa Mosque', Jerusalem, Israel 2009, sound by Ines Lechleitner Reading of Stéphane Montavon's text 'A Djinn Palace ou Le Bouge'

'Tea and Cards', Istanbul, Turkey 2010, sound by Ines Lechleitner



radio feature (30min) for Saprophyt Radio, broadcast on Radio Orange, Dec 2011 AT