Cooking Through a Collection, 2015

Part of the ongoing project Sense Correspondence, first shown in Play Eat! at the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Berlin.


Video: HD-Pal, 14.34 min, sound;

Also shown in its applied culinary form as an experimental dinner screening Eat the Film!


Featuring contributions by: Cristina Gómez Barrio, Lucia Di Iorio, Discoteca Flaming Star (Cristina Gómez Barrio, Michael Mahalchick, Wolfgang Mayer and Ines Schaber), B.G., Ellie Ga, Dani Gal, Maxime Gambus and Claudia De la Torre, Saara Hacklin, Elin Jakobsdottir, Luise Kubelka, Anja Manfredi, Sebastian Meise, Alex Müller, Julie Oredam, Mélisandre Schofield

Slides, projected films and gestures by Ines Lechleitner


still from Cooking Through a Collection, interpretation of Elin Jakobsdottir's drawing Quick Chop

For her current project Sense Correspondence Ines Lechleitner has invited artists, scientists and writers to participate by sending her a description of a sensory experience in drawing, sound or text. The material received by 46 contributors exists as an ongoing collection of ideas.


In this chapter Cooking through a Collection Ines Lechleitner responds to a number of these contributions with her own audio visual materials and by cooking a meal. Drawings, sound recordings and texts from the collection serve as suggestions for ingrediences or spices, accompany and interrrupt the process of cooking.


For viewing the video, please contact the artist:


For the Eat the Film! Ines Lechleitner cooked the four courses developed in Cooking Through a Collection created and shown in the Entretempo Kitchen gallery. Each dish served was accompanied by the corresponding chapter within the video. The tasting and eating of what is prepared in the video is the logical continuation of her research into the correspondence between the senses and communication through food.









Materials in order of appearance:


Connected II, silk screen on paper by Julie Oredam
Orangutans in Sumatra 2005, filmed by Ines Lechleitner


Toxic, gouache and ink on paper by Alex Müller
Mein Tinnitus, medical sound recording contributed by Sebastian Meise
Centralia March, by Discoteca Flaming Star: Cristina Gómez Barrio, Michael Mahalchick, Wolfgang Mayer and Ines Schaber. 2007. as part of: Para Centralia* (.../1962/1981/2006/...). 
Mucha gente bailando junta, watercolor/pencil/silk on paper by Cristina Gómez Barrio 
Tableaux Vivant, two photographs by Anja Manfredi



Vintage photograph, anonymous
Extract of response by B.G.
Quick Chop, collage/ink drawing on paper by Elin Jakobsdottir
Blues, sound contributed by Dani Gal
Karotten Gertrude, crayon drawing on paper by Luise Kubelka
Berthe Morisot au bouquet de violettes, 1872, postcard of painting by Èdouard Manet
Silverback, photograph by Ines Lechleitner
Silvergrey, text by Saara Hacklin

Long Walk, drawing from Log of Limits (Snow Walks) - Three Arctic Booklets by Ellie Ga
Agon, sound recording of a blue whale by Lucia Di Iorio
Point Break, artist book by Maxime Gambus published by Back Bone Books
Stuff of Sight, text by Mélisandre Schofield
Recipe for 'îles flottants' by Èlodie Boutry's grandmother
Whale Potatoe, papier-mâché object by Ines Lechleitner




Special thanks to the contributors of Sense Correspondence:
Cristina Gómez Barrio, Lucia Di Iorio, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ellie Ga, Dani Gal, Maxime Gambus and Claudia De la Torre, Saara Hacklin, Elin Jakobsdottir, Luise Kubelka, Anja Manfredi, Sebastian Meise, Alex Müller, Julie Oredam, Mélisandre Schofield



Produced by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
with the kind support of Tainá and Lara Guedes, Amadeus Lindemann

Timmy Hargesheimer, Maya Schweizer, Clemens von Wedemayer

Èlodie Boutry, Allen S. Weiss


Cooking through a collection was concieved as an artist project for the Performance et Cuisine issue of the journal P-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (C.N.R.S.), Paris.

© Ines Lechleitner 2015
© drawings, sound recordings and text contributions lie with the authors