Eat The Film! 2016

Experimental culinary screening of Cooking Through a Collection premiered at the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Berlin in January 2016. Part of the project Sense Correspondence.

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The four course dinner prepared by the artist is based on and accompanied by the video.

1 Orangutan Smoothie

2 Revolution Soup

3 Memory Strudel

4 Cloudy Île Flottant


All images © Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, photographer Amadeus Lindemann

Special Thanks to Claudia De la Torre and Anna Wlach, Tainà Guedes, Amadeus Lindemann, the Entretempo team and all the participants.


Video Cooking Through a Collection featuring contributions by:
Cristina Gómez Barrio, Lucia Di Iorio, Discoteca Flaming Star (Cristina Gómez Barrio, Michael Mahalchick, Wolfgang Mayer and Ines Schaber), B.G., Ellie Ga, Dani Gal, Maxime Gambus and Claudia de la Torre, Saara Hacklin, Elin Jakobsdottir, LUISE (Kubelka), Anja Manfredi, Sebastian Meise, Alex Müller, Julie Oredam, Mélisandre Schofield

Slides, projected films and gestures by Ines Lechleitner


Eat the Film! at the Entretempo Kitchen Gallery Berlin, January 2016

For the Eat the Film! Ines Lechleitner cooked the four courses developed in Cooking Through a Collection created and shown in the Entretempo Kitchen gallery. Each dish served was introduced by the artist and accompanied by the corresponding chapter within the video. The tasting and eating of what is prepared in the video is the logical continuation of her research into the correspondence between the senses and communication through food.


For viewing the video, please contact the artist:


Introduction by Tainà Guedes and Ines Lechleitner



Claudia and Anna serving teh Orang-Utan Smoothie