Presser Tourner Montrer, 2004/2012 (Press Turn Show)

A series of three black and white photographs, shown in the two solo shows The Imagines at Galerie Metro (Berlin, April-May 2012 DE) and Objets Reposés at M Museum (Leuven, June-September 2012 BE). Photographs taken in a cheese cooperative near Grenoble during a film project that resulted in the artist book Pièce de Cinéma.



Three silver gelatine prints, mounted and framed ( each 35cm x 44,2cm)


Presser Tourner Montrer, series of three black and white photographs

In Presser Tourner Montrer Lechleitner revisits photographs of an earlier period of her work from a phenomenological point of view, influenced by her research for Sense Correspondence.
These photographs were taken in a cheese making facility in the French mountains la Chartreuse during a film project with Isabelle Ogilvie that resulted in the artist book Pièce de Cinéma.
Working with papier mâché dough for different sculptures brought back the sensation of these photographs. Isabelle Ogilvie’s precise gestures of preparing, smoothening and showing the beginning of a form that will eventually become a cheese can also be seen as a visualisation of a process of thought.


Presser, silver gelatine print

Tourner, silver gelatine print

Montrer, silver gelatine print